The bike ride that never was

It was a strange day to begin with.

I put on sweatpants because it was a cool morning. I went outside around noon and thought, “I should have a jacket on.”

I came inside and wrote the previous blog.

I went outside with my sweats and light jacket and thought, “I should have my shorts on.”

I didn’t change, but when I went outside for the third time, I was glad I still had my sweats on.

The sun was peaking in and out of thick clouds covering the sky.

By the time I made it to Battle Creek, I was glad for my sweatpants and light jacket.

I parked at the hill I just blogged about and started for the bike trail under Interstate 10.

My front tire was flat. It wasn’t that bad so I kept riding.

On my left, the trail runs along Rice Creek and the railroad yard.

On my right side was Interstate 10. I was headed downhill and I thought if the trail went all the way to the next light, 1 1/2 miles and was mostly downhill. It would be 1 1/2 miles uphill on my way back on a flat tire.

It might be best if I took the easy way out and drove to the next light and bike from there. Bad decision.

The road was close. No left turn.

I forgot about the light at Burns. I could have turned there, but I was in the middle lane with traffic on either side and couldn’t change lanes.

So I went home, to the bike shop and put air in my tires. Turned out they were both low.

When I got home, I checked google map to see if the trial did follow I-10 all the way to the light. It doesn’t. The path looks more interesting than I thought.

The day wasn’t a total lost. My main reason for being in the neighborhood was to stop at my editor’s house and get 80 pages of my manuscript from her.

I got the 80 pages and I’ll be back to see her in another two weeks. I’ll bike then and next time, I’ll have air in my tires, and I’ll stay on the trail to see where it goes.

The other good new is, I wasn’t on the trail when it started raining.