Friendly Friday Photos: Alleys

Friendly Friday Photos topic this week is alleys. Forestwood is this week’s hostess.

This topic stumped me. I don’t live in the city where alleys are frequent. I haven’t been around rock outcroppings that might suggest an alley.

But with a little imagination, I figured it out.

Behind the wooden boards is a garden maybe 20 feet long, 6 feet wide, and 2 feet high. Don’t quote me, I could be wrong. There are two such gardens on east and west side of my church.

This pipe was part of a drainage system that drained water out of the garden when it rained too hard. That drainage system has been replace, but it was too much trouble to dig up the pipes.

In the magical world, very little is wasted.

Fairies moved in. The pipe is now an alleyway to the village they built on either side of the pipe. The village is pretty elaborate with homes, shoppes, magic school, and entertainment areas.

Fairies come out at night when no one is around and the neighbors are asleep. They play among the flowers and pick cherries when the cherry tree is in season.

Very early in the morning, when the birds are just waking up, some will come to the garden and take fairies out for a flight high in the sky. The fairies have wings, but they can’t soar as high as a bird.

The debris at the end of the pipe is something like a magical hologram. If the pipe was clean, someone might take notice, and check it out, but a messy pipe suggests no one is living there, so mortals ignore it.