Sunday Trees: 395

Sunday Trees is a blog hosted my Becca that is all about tree.

This is the kind of tree were tiny fairies live. There’s plenty of water to drink and wash in, and algae and bugs to eat. (They need tiny food to eat.)

This tree trunk seems unassuming, but fairies dig in and make their village inside the trunk. Late at night they come out to play.

See that branch with the grove hollowed out? That’s a fairy sled. They ride the sled gaining speed, then at the bottom they soar upward like a ski jumper with their legs, arms, and wings held close to their body.

At a certain height, they spread out their wings and flap as fast as they can for a certain time, then they fold their wings against their back and see how far they can soar before they land on their feet.

The one who lands the farthest wins.

It’s only a few feet, but they are so small it’s the equivalent of a couple of miles to us.

It’s fun to watch, but you can only see them if you believe in magic and have the eyes to see magic. Few humans do.

Sorry about that.