Inspired by Short Stories

On occasion, I have gone though my blog and cleaned out old files and catalogs (something I should do again), but I never delete a short story. I’m keeping them just in case I ever run out of stories to tell. I’ll have a wealth of ideas.

There are a few stories that have stuck in my head, would not leave, and have become a larger story.

From Storybook Corner (I don’t think it’s there any more), I wrote a 500 work short story, “Just Like Me,” which become My Haunted House and the first book in The Destiny Series.

Another short story, “Warriors Three,” will become the second book in the series.

Recently I wrote Goddess Sleeps for Friday Fictioneers.

This is one story I don’t want to fall into the wayside. Therefore, I’ve added it to my living room of storyboards, which is already full of stories that I’m working on.

I have a manuscript of Jessica’s Mission on my floor under my fairy garden. This is the last book of my science fiction trilogy and the one story that is getting most of my attention right now.

On the other side of the room is Destiny’s Timeline.

I’ve done a lot of work on The Destiny Series. Here is a photo of the expanded version of the timeline. The wall keeps changing as I work on it. Maybe I’ll give you an update.

My newest timeline is on the wall coming into the living room.

I started “Goddess Sleeps” with one question per colored paper. In just two days, this is now an old photo. There are now six pages with at least one question. I’ve written more questions on the first page and have added a new page under it.

I shouldn’t have started on this short story, but I liked it so much, I didn’t want to forget. Maybe I should say my brain didn’t want me to forget because it was already thinking and asking questions.

When my brain starts thinking, I have to write it down or my brain becomes clogged and I can’t think of anything else. Once my brain is cleared, I can work on that which I want to work on.

So I put “Goddess Sleeps” on the wall to clear my brain. This way when I’m ready to work on the story, I’ll have a starting point.

I’m hope this will become a novel.

Good thing I live alone, I’m not sure if anyone else would let my clutter my living room with my stories.