One Park at a Time: Teddy Bear Park

Teddy Bear Park is the smallest park I’ve been to, but for a small park, it’s the busiest. It was full of parents, grandparents and little people under eight years old.

This photo is from Teddy Bear Park web page.

I took a photo of the outside of the park and several photos in the park. I remember taking the photos, I remember seeing the photos, but for some reason they’ve disappeared. I have no idea what happened.


At the bottom of this cliff is sand for children to play in.

For the obvious reason, I didn’t take photo of children. But is was fun watching the littlest of them running free with an adult trailing after them.

There were several different jungle gyms to play on, but they were some of the photos I lost.

But the best part were the friendly, live, stone teddy bears.