Crimson’s Creative Challenge: They’re Just Birds

“Don’t get out?” Gloria said.

“Why?” Jake asked.

“Old Man Nelson uses big white geese to guard his house instead of dogs.”


“I’m telling you. They’re worse than pit bulls. They grab hold and won’t let go.”

“They’re just birds.”

“I’m telling you.”

“They’re just birds, Gloria.”

Door open. Door closed.

“Aaaa. Yelp. Yelp.”

Door open. Door slam.

Jake looked out the window at the goose with a piece of his jeans in its beak.

“$80 jeans.” He turned to Gloria. “How long do we have to wait?”

“Until Old Man Nelson calls them off.”

“When will that happen?”

“When he feels like it. Until then, I have a new punk rock CD.”

Door Open. Door slam.

Jack ran as fast as he could with a goose following close to his backside.


“Owe, that’s got to hurt,” Gloria said.

* * *

Crimson’s Creative Challenge posts a photo every Wednesday. Anyone picking up the challenge can respond with something CREATIVE.

I chose a 141 short story.

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