Sunday Photo Fiction: The Future



You know why. She’s dangerous.

I can make up my own mind.

Not if she gets her claws in you. She’ll tell you who, what, were, and when. She’ll plan your entire life.

It’s better than living with my brother for the rest of my life.

Oh, yea? Look what happened with Shirley. You want to end up like her?

Shirley didn’t know what she wanted. Andrea dropped her head. I don’t have a future.

Then do something.


Write novel, be a librarian, become a doctor.

I don’t want to do any of that. She watched the married couple coming out of the church. It’s just that I’m getting older.

George watched his sister. Once she got something in her head there was no getting it out. What could he do? No amount of arguing would convince her he knew best. She would just have to learn it on her own.

Fine, go to the matchmaker. See if I care.


Five years later:

Best decision I ever made, going to the matchmaker.

You ever plan on getting married?

What? Why would I want to go through that? I’d rather match them up and see what happens.

* * *

I read several cute kitty stories. I thought I’d divert and do something different.

* * *

Sunday Photo Fiction posts a photo to inspire fans to write a 200 word short story.