Just What I Need: Another Cookbook

I don’t need any more cookbooks. I have so many now I don’t know where to put them. My books covers the global from India to Indonesia to Mexico to America and everywhere all around. I’m not allowed to buy any more cookbooks.

Ah but I was at the library.

Every month the library promotes a different subject, this month it was cookbooks, and there on the shelf was a Mediterranean Cookbook by American’s Test Kitchen. I didn’t have a choice; I had to take it home.

I’ve started at the beginning with soups and intend to spend the next year making my way to the back of the book.

I’ve done it once before.

I was at a half price bookstore and found the Complete Curry Cookbook: 250 Recipes from Around the World. I ate a lot of curry that year.

If there was ever a book I did not want to return to the library, this is it.

Going to have to break my own rule and buy my own copy of The Complete Mediterranean Cookbook: 500 recipes. Yum!

Just we’re clear: I do not make every single recipe one after the other. As I brows and find something interesting, I make it. Sometimes it’s so good, I make it more than once.