Sunday Photo Fiction: Aliens


“Oh my.”

“Aliens coming. Lot’s of them.”


“Outside. They come to suck out our brains.”

“Oh my.”

“Then they suck the juices from our bellies. Then they’ll eat us.”

“Oh My.”

“Where’s my machete?”

“In your box.” He flipped open his box and threw things out as he dug for his machete. “I found it.” With a primeval yell, he jumped to his feet “I’ll save you, mom?” He ran outside with his plastic sword over his head.

“What about me?” Dad asked.

“I’ll protect you, hun.” She kissed him on the cheek.

Mom and Dad stood at the bay window and watched as leaves and pedals flew.

“He’s running your garden,” Dad said.

“They’re just plants. They’ll grow back. Next year, he’ll be six and he’ll be protecting us from something else.”

“I love being a dad.”

“Good, because we’re going to have another.”

* * *

Sunday Photo Fiction posts a photo to inspire fans to write a 200 word short story.

This story was inspired by the alien stories by fellow authors.