Crimson’s Creative Challenge: Just One More

Photo by Crispina Kemp

“You’ll love it,” he promised. “Five miles of beauty.”

I should have known better. I trusted him anyway.

“Just one more hill,” he’d said three times so far.

I should have known better and turned back while I had the chance.

Five miles turned in to seven. Just one more hill, turned into 12.

“This is the last hill,” he promised as we huffed up the hill.

We looked down on a pretty view with a wood fence to mark the trail that curved down and around another hill and more trees.

There were always more trees hiding our view, thereby prolonging our disorientation as to where we were.

He said we weren’t lost, but I could tell by the nervousness in his voice we were.

“I’m not sure,” he started to say.

He should have known. Should have been prepared.

I pushed him down the hill.

* * *

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