No More Biking

After recovering from Adrenal Fatigue for three years, I should be farther along. I finally figured out why I’m not, I am exercising to hard.

I was up to 50 minutes of biking, 40 minutes of weightlifting, and 30 minutes of yoga. Not all on the same day. I backed down to 30 minutes for all of it. It helped some, but I was still stressing my body and was still tired.

I’ve been watching Dr. Eric Berg’s YouTube channel. He said the best exercise is walking. No stress. He also recommend light weightlifting to build muscle and bones, and yoga to stretch muscles, which helps prevent injuries. But no biking.

Giving up biking is like you telling me you’re giving up your favorite sport, or coffee, or beer. It hurts that much.

In two weeks I’m already felling better. Bummer.

Now when I’m at the gym, I now walk 1/2 a mile, 3 weightlifting exercises, and yoga at home.

I don’t know when I can bike again. I guess after I’m completely healed.

My chiropractor says it takes a long time to get sick and a long time to get well, but once I am healed, it will be like I am brand new.

Won’t that be nice.