Destiny: New Plot:Timeline

This might be a familiar photo for those who follow this post.

This is The Destiny Series timeline. The white cards along the middle are the actual timeline. All other cards build on it. Different colors represent different characters. Blue are the gods who live in a palisade in the sky, green are for mortals who live on the ground, and gold are for those from Earth. 

Pink is for the Ancient One, an old wizard who is half mortal/half god.

Last night, as I was going to sleep, my brain starting thinking and creating more Destiny story line about the Ancient One. I was in no mood to get up, I wanted to sleep. That which was floating around in my brain was large enough for me to remember the next day. At least I hoped I would remember.

Late the next afternoon, I started writing. I thought it would be only a few scenes. I was wrong.

I wrote the plot for one of the stories I’ll be writing in the series. So far, it’s only three handwritten pages. I stabled them together and typed them to the wall under the Ancient One’s cards. Underneath are more handwritten pages, stabled together and typed tot the wall, about the Wizard.

The plan is to write an much as I can about the story line before I get into serious writing.

The story covers a couple of thousand years. The gods stay the same, but over time, the mortals change. I want major details settled before I write the second novella.

Example: In the first novella, My Haunted Bed & Breakfast, Elanor buys a house she wants to turn into a B&B, but she also inherits three ghosts who haunt the house.

The War God changes the timeline on Aghular and for Eleanor, creating a 2nd timeline.

There’s a portal in the house that goes to Aghular. Up until today, I thought the portal never came to the house because of the 2nd timeline.

Now I know the portal does come, it’s the humans, Horus and Gertrude, who don’t move into the house. And therefore don’t haunt the house, which completely changes Eleanor’s life. She never gets married. Her daughter, Roni is the the heroine who saves Aghular from the War God, but she’s never born.

The plot I wrote today, resets the timeline so Horus and Gertrude do come, Eleanor does get married, and Rani is born.

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