Crimson’s Creative Challenge #53: The Ghost

“. . . and it’s haunted,” Gerald finished.

“By who.”

“A cosmonaut, Jason.”

“Jason was an Argonaut, you idiot,” Terrance said. “He’s a character in a poem written a couple of thousand years ago. This boat is only five years old. Why would he haunt it?”

“Because this is The Helena,” Gerald proudly declared.


Gerald looked disappointed that his friend didn’t get it. “She’s the woman who started a war and Jason saved her.”

“You idiot, Apollo saved her. You don’t know your Greek Mythology, do you?” Terrance scolded. “And her name was Helen not Helena. She’s not real either. She’s just a myth.”

The Helena sudden shook so violently the men had to hold onto the gunnels for safety.

“Who dares to mock my name?”

They turned to see a woman so beautiful she could launch a hundred wars, the ghost Helen of Troy.

“Who’s the idiot now, pal?”

* * *

Crimson’s Creative Challenge #53 is a creative photo challenge where one can express their inspiration any way one chooses.