Health up date: Liver

I like to read and have learned far more from books than I have from my doctors.

I used to be hungry all the time. I’d wake up at 3am starving. I read Liver Rescue by Anthony William and learned my liver was hungry.

I liked fruit, but was never a big fruit eater. Liver needs energy from fruit to function. Liver wakes up at 3am to start it’s day. Mine was so hungry it woke me up too.

I was often hungry 1 1/2 hours after I eat a meal. It didn’t matter how big the meal, I was always hungry. Now I know I was hungry because my liver was hungry.

I now eat fruit several times a day. I’m no longer hungry and I don’t wake up at 3am.

The best time to eat fruit is an empty stomach because fatty foods counteract the benefits of fruit.

When the liver doesn’t have enough energy to do its job, Adrenal Glands will send adrenaline to it. If this keeps up, it will over tax Adrenal Glands. You won’t have the adrenaline needed to get going in the morning, which will cause Adrenal Fatigue.

I could have saved me so much trouble if only I had been eating fruit.

A healthy liver does amazing things for our bodies, like protecting your heart.

Save your liver (and heart), eat fruit. Best on on an empty stomach. Fatty foods hinder fruit.

Stay healthy.