Crimson’s Creative Challenge: Llama

Carol planned a week’s vacation in the Rocky Mountains. She bought a llama to help carry gear.

Every day she and the llama went for a walk.

Everyday Carol added a little more weight to her backpack.

Finally the day arrived. Carol loaded her llama, strapped on her backpack, and headed uphill.

After a good night’s sleep, Carol broke camp, loaded the llama, strapped on her backpack.

The llama folder her legs and lay down. She did not get up again until ALL the gear was off her back.

As Carol was preparing herself with weight each day, she forgot to prepare the llama by adding weight to her back.

Carol spent a relaxing week in the Rocky Mountains. She set up a permanent camp so she and her llama could go on daytrips together.

It wasn’t exactly what Carol had planned for, but her llama was happy.

True Stroy

* * *

Crimson’s Creative Challenge is a weekly challenge to express one creatively. I write flash fiction. Check out Crimson’s page to see who is doing what.