Crimson’s Creative Challenge #69


When little Alice thought she was safe; she stopped running and turned around.

Her mother was tying to keep up, but she was eight months pregnant.

“Mama, hurry,” Alice yelled.

“I’m trying, honey,” her mother said.

Right behind Mama were two mongrels dogs fighting. Very soon they would be tangled in her legs. Mama would crash to the sidewalk or into the fairy garden.

“DON’T HURT MY MOMMY.” Alice ran back at full force, waving her arms.

Mama was so flabbergasted she stepped aside.

Just as she passed mama, Alice leaped in the air and landed very near the dogs, yelling, “Haaaaa.”

The dogs looked at three-year-old Alice in surprise and ran away.

From that day on, Mama was no longer scared of dogs for she knew little Alice would protect her.

* * *

Based on a true story. I was little Alice. I kept both my mother and little bother save and sound.

* * *

Every Wednesday Crimson’s Creative posts a photo for those who want can respond with something CREATIVE. I chose writing a short story no more than 150 words.