Interview with Crispina Kemp, author of The Spinner’s Game – Part 2

Sammi Cox

You may have seen the interview with Crispina Kemp I shared a few weeks ago from my book review blog, Sammi Loves Books. Now I get to share with you an epic three-part interview with Crispina, as we talk about her soon-to-be released five book historical fantasy series, The Spinner’s Game.

In Part 1, Crispina answered questions on writing the series, the main character, Kerrid, and where the story is set. The second part of the interview can be found below, where Crispina answers some questions on magic, mythology and society in her stories. Tune in next week for Part 3, when we turn our attention to language, characters and favourite things…

Part 2: Magic, Myth and Society

The story has a rich mythological framework woven through it.  How does Kerrid and her people view and interact with the divine? How easy was it to create the…

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