A Beta Reader’s Desk – Crispina Kemp’s The Spinner’s Game Series

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I have enjoyed the storytelling of Crispina Kemp for a few years which she has so generously shared with us on her WordPress site.  The world of her Feast Fables and Asaric Tales has been shaped and polished into a five book series called The Spinner’s Game. She has woven a tapestry of myth and fantasy as we follow her central character, Kerrid, on an epic quest over space and time to discover why her fall from grace and to recover who she really is.  Her world is peopled with compelling characters, evocative landscapes, and intense clashes between good and evil on many planes and dimensions. Though I am not reviewer of writing nor an editor, I am a reader and was thrilled to answer the call to participate as a beta reader as Crispina refined her complex and enchanting tale.

I am an old fashioned beta and so…

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