One Park at a Time: Spudy and His Ball

It was supposed to be a nice day, breezy, but sunny.

It was a nice day, sort of. It was 50F not bad. In most places in the park we couldn’t tell that it was windy. But the sky was completely overcast, and a bit colder than we wanted.

Even so, a girlfriend, her dog Spudy, and I went to Rice Creek Off-Leash Dog Area anyway.

Rice Creek Park is beautiful, but the dog park is the least scenic area at the park.

Spudy didn’t care. He loves being outside.

He had been quietly sitting in the back seat of the car until we pulled in the the parking lot. Once he recognized where he was, he began to prance and make high-pitch noises of excitement.

It had been a couple of weeks since he’d been there. It didn’t matter. If he’d been there every day for the last couple of weeks, he would had been just as excited.

He loves balls, but his owners won’t bring his to the park for fear it will get lost. So the first thing Spudy did was find a ball that had been left behind.

He carried that ball in his mouth the entire time we were there.  

He did make new few friends.

But the ball was more important. At one point he lost it to another dog. He stood and watched as she ran off with.

Within seconds he’d found another ball. (It’s difficult to see, but it’s to your right of his paws.)

As we left the park Spudy was ordered to leave the ball behind. He obeyed, but before we got to the car, he’d found another ball. And yes, he had to leave it behind.