Sunday Photo Fiction: The House

Lesley stood, contemplated the new house.

“How many stories do your walls know?

“Was there a happy family of five living there until an axe murder arrive late one stormy night?

“How about a retired couple who were tied to their breakfast table chairs while a thief searched the house for valuables?

“Oh, I know . . . He was a rich tech consultant. She married him for his money and . . .”

“Lesley!” Her mother stopped her in mid thought. “It’s a dollhouse, honey, it’s to play with not make up gruesome stories.”

Twelve-year-old Lesley frowned.

“Your grandmother gave it to you. Tell her thank you.”

Lesley turned toward her grandmother sitting on the sofa.

Grandmother smiled. “Sounds like we may have a budding mystery writer on our hands.”

Lesley smiled.

Mother groaned.

* * *

Every Sunday, Sunday Photo Fiction posts a photo in the hopes of prompting a short story from fans who like to write flash fiction.

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