Crimson’s Creative Challenge: Under the Bridge

I built my solo canoe. First day out with my new canoe, was on January 1, on the Mississippi River. I forget the year. The river was frozen except for a mile and a half past a dam. A dam churns up the waters, then it takes awhile for the river to refreeze.

From that day, I’ve paddled lakes, rivers, and creeks, throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin, US. The Mississippi River, small lakes, and creeks flow through the city where I live. I’ve paddled under bridges that were several feet high to places where a bridge was part of a footpath and I had to bend over to paddle under it.

I gave up canoeing because of Adrenal Fatigue. I’m a whole lot better these days, but not enough to return to canoeing. Maybe someday.


* * *

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