Pegasus Colony: Captain Fontner


Captain Richard Fontner’s personal log:

Year 2144, November 1

Folded space is a success. It only took twelve years to travel twenty-seven light-years to the planet Akiane within the Pegasus Constellation.

The star of this system shines bright. Five planets orbit it, including our destination planet, Akiane.

The planet was quiet when we first arrived, but now as a giant gas planet approaches, many volcanoes are suddenly active.

Akiane and one gas planet the size of Saturn orbit their star elliptically. Every eleven years their orbits cross. We have arrived in time to study the phenomenon.

Captain Fontner’s Office

The captain’s office door unceremoniously flew open.

“Captain!” the first mate called. “We’ve lost control.”

The captain tensed. “Lost control of what?” he asked.

“All of it, Sir.” Her voice shook. “Everything. We’ve lost the ship.”

WSC Eagle tilted, creaked, and groaned.

Eagle seemed to twist in awkward angles, then dropped several meters.

It happened so fast and with such force, Fontner hit the ceiling. When Eagle righted herself, Fontner dropped belly first onto his desk with a “Humph.”

He heard the impenetrable glass in the bridge observatory window crack. Then the window in his office did the same.

His thoughts tuned his wife and children. He would not get to say good-bye. He could not save his ship and he could not say good-bye to his crew.

In the next instant, everything flipped upside down.

Screams came from the bridge as people were tossed about like rag dolls.

The captain’s shoulder dislocated as he slammed back into the ceiling. Eagle tilted to one side. Fontner slid toward the window in his office. Bits of glass disappeared as they were sucked out. Oxygen whistled as it escaped into space.

The window twisted. He knew it was illogical, but Fontner felt his blood start to boil as the vacuum of space invaded his office.

WSC Eagle exploded.

* * *

This is a shorten version of a two page excerpt of the beginning of Pegasus Colony.

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