Sunday Photo Fiction: The Lamp

One day there was a lamp at the far side of our back yard, at the end of the path, under the bushes.

“It’s for the fairies,” Grandmamma said.

“There are no such things as fairies,” Mother said in her usual frustrated tone.

“We know there are no fairies,” Grandmamma and I said. “It’s just pretend.”

“Then why bother?” Mother never understood the concept of thinking outside the box. The box was her security where everything had its place. Imagination did not exist in her box or in her world.

Grandmamma taught me the joys of “what if?”

And . . .

“What’s behind the . . .?”

“What does that cloud remind you of?”

“Where do you think that path will take us?”

Even if she was standing right there, Mother never would see the fairies come out at night and dance around the light.

Grandmamma and I did.

* * *

Just for the record, this is fiction, my mother never had a box to live in. Too much imagination.

* * *

Every Sunday, Sunday Photo Fiction posts a photo in the hopes of prompting a short story from fans who like to write flash fiction.

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* * *


Captain Richard Fontner’s personal log:

Year 2144, November 1

Folded space is a success. It only took twelve years to travel twenty-seven light-years to the planet Akiane within the Pegasus Constellation.

The planet was quiet when we first arrived.

Akiane and one gas planet the size of Saturn orbit their star elliptically. Every eleven years their orbits cross. We have arrived in time to study the phenomenon.

Captain Fontner’s Office

The captain’s office door unceremoniously flew open.

“Captain!” the first mate called. “We’ve lost control.”

The captain tensed. “Lost control of what?” he asked.

“All of it, Sir.” Her voice shook. “Everything. We’ve lost the ship.”

WSC Eagle tilted, creaked, and groaned, then dropped several meters.

It happened so fast and with such force, Fontner hit the ceiling. When Eagle righted herself, Fontner dropped belly first onto his desk with a “Humph.”

He heard the impenetrable glass in the bridge observatory window crack. Then the window in his office did the same.

In the next instant, everything flipped upside down.

Fontner slid toward the window in his office.

The window twisted.

WSC Eagle exploded.

* * *

This is a shorten version of a two page excerpt of the beginning of Pegasus Colony.

Now available on Amazon and Amazon Prime Read.