Sunday Photo Prompt: Irrefutable

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

Professor Von Bullercoi Huffendrum and his assistant Emmitt were the first to explore a newly discovered cave. But to their surprise, they were not the first. They found and a well-warn, man-made ladder leading up and out of the cave.

They hesitated to climb the ladder thinking they might be trespassing on private property.

But they had the government’s permission to explore whatever they found. Therefore they would not be subject to prosecution.

As they turned the second bend, the professor stopped.

“What’s the problem?” Emmitt asked.

Professor Von Bullercoi Huffendrum stepped to one side, and said, “Climb up beside me, Emmitt, and see for yourself.”

Neither could have imagined such a thing, much less witness it. But it was irrefutable. They had stumbled upon a discovery that would change everyone’s understanding of their world. Above them was a magnifying glass more than a meter across and looking through it were two heads each larger than a mountain.

* * *

This is only half of a story inspired by Padre’s Ramblings. You’ll have to go to his page to read the rest of the story.

* * *

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