Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Gift of Friendship

This week Friendly Friday Photo Challenge is hosted by The Sandy Chronicles. The topic is Friendship.

Where would our lives be without friends. Sadly poorer for the loss.

I am blessed with many good friends, but I could only chose one for this post. Or maybe I really chose three good friends.

This is Khalid with his baby girl. She’s a bit bigger now.

Kahlid and I used to be work buddies. (We have both moved on.) One day he came to work excited because his sister was in town and he wanted me to meet her.

Sure, I thought, why not?  It was like at first meet.

My friend Arkat.

Unfortunately, she lived in the state of Virginia on the Atlantic coast. I thought that’s it. It was nice meeting her and maybe someday I’d see her again if she ever cames back for a visit.

Then she moved to Minnesota. Yeah! And we became good friends.

We have similar interests like superhero and science fiction movies. We and our cameras have gone together to many parks together for photo safaris.

And I have become an honorary member of the family. One can never have too many loving families.

Back to the unfortunate part . . . Thanks to covid, we haven’t seen much of each other. But we still have our cell phones and texting.

The #Friendship continues.