Sunday Photo Fiction: Unforeseen Events

From the back seat of the van, Kathy said, “I want a banana.”

“We only have apples,” Mom said.

“Why?” Kathy asked.

“We eat everything else at the picnic,” Mom said.

“How about a peach?” Kathy asked.

“All we have are apples,” Mom said. “Joie get your sister an apple.”

Joie unbuckled his seatbelt, reached around his seat to open the Igloo and grab the last two apples. He sat back and resecured his seatbelt.

He held up one apple for Kathy to see. He threw it out the window and bit into the other. “Mmm, good,” he said.


The apple bounce twice, rolled onto the centerline of the road and stopped in front of a deer crossing the road.

Charles Henry swerved to miss the deer.

The deer kicked the apple as it bolted away.

The apple rolled off the road into the grass.

A raccoon picked it up bought it to the creek to wash it off.

Kelly Jo’s black lab splashed through the creek.

The raccoon dropped the apple as she ran off.

The apple flowed down the creek until a five-year-old boy picked it up and eat it.

* * *

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