One Park at a Time: One Splendid River

My last post inspired this post.

The Mississippi River travels 2,348 mi, 3778 km, from Lake Itasca to the Gulf of Mexico. I have lived near both ends. It starts as a creek only a few inches deep until it becomes a mile, 1.60934 km, wide.

The Mississippi is used both for commercial and public use, but much of the land surrounding the river has been protected by state, regional and city parks.

Here are a few photos near where I live:

29 locks and dams along the river

133 bridges cross the river

it’s a highway for barges that carry goods up and down the river — there is also recreational boating

St. Paul capital city of Minnesota, USA

across the Mississippi is Minneapolis

along the river are historical buildings this one is Riedel Mansion

while driving around, I found this little garden dedicated to Susan McLean Park

there are hundreds of little city parks 

there are miles and miles of payed walking and biking paths and many friends with which to enjoy the parks

untold amount of wild life

parks that protect native grass land and wild flowers

late fall

early winter     Mississippi River will freeze during winter

I have so many more brilliant photos—ha—but not enough room to show you the true beauty and verity of the Mississippi River. Hope you enjoyed this little taste.