Sunday Photo Fiction: Godzilla Bunny

Photo courtesy of B.Barnes

“Ar, ar, ar.”

“O my,” Mommy cried. “Who is this?”

“Puff the Dinosaur,” Little Chester declared.

“Is he like Puff the Dragon?” Mommy asked. “Does Puff the Dinosaur puff smoke?”

“He puffs terror.” Chester moved the dinosaur toward his mommy as if threatening her.

“O my,” she said in a high-pitched voice, then used her arms for protection.

“I’ll save you, Mommy.” Chester picked up a stuffed rabbit three times the size of the dinosaur.

Hop, hop, hop. The bunny moved closer. Stump, stomp, stomp. The bunny pounced the dinosaur.

Chester jumped off the couch on to the floor. Godzilla Bunny stumped on Chester’s miniature farm.

“Garr, ger, ar,” the bunny roared.

People screamed, animals cried out in fear.

Lately, Chester was had been playing rougher than usual. Mommy placed her hand on her belly and feared for the safety of the coming little brother.

“Darling, we need to talk about your aggression.”

In wide-eyed innocence, Chester looked up at his mommy and asked, “What agration?”

* * *

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