Sunday Photo Fiction: Don’t Tell Mom

Photo by Phyllis Moore

They stood at the scenic overlook and surveyed the park.

“Where’s the trail,” Sarah asked.

Big brother, David answered. “The trail starts in the parking lot below us.” He pointed as he spoke. “It goes to the bridge, crosses the creek, goes up that hill, and back down the other side. It runs up and down along that ridge then down along the creek and back to the bridge.”

“Seventeen miles,” John confirmed.

Now that they saw the path, they were not as excited as when they first came up with the idea.

“Let’s go,” David said.

They parked in the parking lot and pull their backpacks out of the back of the SUV.

“What’s this,” David asked as he pulled on a bundle of cloth.

“Mom backed hammocks for us,” Sarah said.

“Why,” David asked. “We’re going on a 17 mile hike, we’re not taking them with us.”

“You know how moms are,” John said.

David slammed the hatch closed.

They pulled their backpacks on and secured them in place.

“Why does this seem heavier?” David asked.

“Mom packed lunches, snacks, and extra water so we wouldn’t run out.”

David rolled his eyes.

“You know how moms are,” John said.

They crossed the bridge and considered the size of the hill before them.

“Come on,” David said.

They headed for the hill.

By midmorning, they were eating their first snack of the day.

“Don’t tell Mom,” David said.

“Why not,” Sarah asked.

“You know what Mom is like when she’s right,” John said.

“Yea.” Sarah laughed. She took a drink of water and leaned back.

David pulled his hat over his face.

John folded his arms over his chest.

All three slipped into a restful nap after a morning of hanging their hammocks.

* * *

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