People of Akiane Trilogy is Finished

My trilogy is finished and published on all things Amazon. It’s already getting good ratings.

Here is an excerpt, from the beginning of the first chapter of Jessica’s Mission.

It was to be Earth’s greatest achievement, establishing the first galactic colony in the Pegasus Constellation. Using folded space technology, World Space Coalition sent three spaceships, WSC Eagle, WSC Hawk, and WSC Falcon, to transport a total of 2,035 settlers to their new home planet, Akiane. More ships were scheduled to bring a continual supply of goods to help support the settlers until they were well established on the new planet.

Twelve years on a spaceship seemed an eternity. Children born on the ship had never felt a star’s warmth, seen blue sky, or run barefoot in the grass or jumped in a puddle of water. They’d never played with their own kitten or puppy.

Parents were looking forward to introducing their children to all these things.

They were not expecting what came next.

Flower of the Day – Red Star

I don’t know the name of flowers. But this one reminds me of a star. This was inspired my Cee’s Flower of the Day Photo Challenge. Click on her name to see her beautiful photographs of flowers.

I’ve been on Goodreads for a long while but have neglected it. No longer. I have revived my account. If you’re on Goodreads, look me up. Just make sure it’s me. There is more than one Phyllis Moore author.