Who is Krunkie?

I’ve been posting about writing a 6-book fantasy series, but I have not told you about Krunkie.

For now the title of the series is Krunkie and the Last Dragon Eggs. There are three dragon eggs, but Krunkie and the last Three Dragon Eggs is a bit bulky. The word “three” disrupts the flow of the title, thus, Krunkie and the Last Dragon Eggs. The title is not set in stone and may change, time will tell.

Everyone knows what dragon eggs are, but what or who is a Krunkie?

Krunkie is a made up magical creature. No one in the story really knows who he is or where he comes from and yet he’s in all the books.

Krunkie looks a lot like a Ringtail Lemur, which looks a lot like a monkey, but is a prosimian, which means “before monkeys.”  Ringtail Lemurs only live in Madagascar.

Krunkie’s body fur is sliver with black fur legs and arms, and has a sliver and black ring tail that changes lengths and fluffiness, at will. I haven’t decided how human his face will look, but he does have two large orange eyes. This magical creature looks and acts like a juvenile, but he’s really, really old.

In the first book, Krunkie seems like a minor character, but he’s keeping an eye on things. It’s not until the last book that we fully understand who Kunkie truly is.

The eggs are introduced in the second book and also become more important throughout the story.

Krunkie eventually hides the eggs in our world where he enlists a set of twins to help him protect them from an evil sorceress.

Hope that makes sense. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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