My New Office

I’ve been recovering from Adrenal Fatigue seemingly forever. I’ve changed my lifestyle, got rid of stress, do easy exercises, eat healthy, and yet, I’ve not been able to conquer it.

Last week, I learned that sitting at my computer for hours a day is stressful for my body. I turned my computer off, took a stroll around the lake, and designated a swing as my new office.

My new office.

My neighbors.

This is me relaxing while hard at work.

For the last week, I’ve spent very little time on my computer and am feeling much better. I wish I’d known this at the beginning of summer I’d have a great tan by now.

But cooler weather has arrived therefore, I’ve moved my office to my couch. My other office is at the gym were I alternate between exercising and writing.

Do you have a relaxing or special place to work?