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Inspired by Short Stories

On occasion, I have gone though my blog and cleaned out old files and catalogs (something I should do again), but I never delete a short story. I’m keeping them just in case… Continue reading

Visiting Old Posts

Forestwood of Australia and I have been checking out each other’s blogs. I’ve learned that she has a material shop filled with fabric that she designed. She also introduced me to her other… Continue reading

Learn by Reading

Reading is a great way to learn and improve one’s writing skills. A serious reader reads a good book more than once. The first reading is just for enjoyment. You might think it’s… Continue reading

Still Writing

I have a girl friend who buys these booklets for me. I don’t know where she gets them, but they come in all kinds of colors. They’re not thick, maybe a hundred pages… Continue reading

Commas Saves Lives

There are those who think commas should be eliminated all together. It’s easier to stop using commas than to learn or teach others how to use them. Commas are still being used, just… Continue reading

The Value of Beta Readers

Today I returned to the third novel in my trilogy, Jessica’s Mission. I’ve already rewritten the beginning several times. At one point, I thought the book was ready for beta readers so I… Continue reading

No Right Way to Write a Novel

There’s no right way to write a novel. Each person’s working style and imagination is different. Nora Roberts works the same as any other job, eight hours a day. Steven King works on… Continue reading

Just the Right Character

I’m an author. I’m the god of my worlds. I create people. I put them in a plot. I give them life. You’d think they’d be grateful, not always. Sometimes characters are just… Continue reading

Plot Details

Details are like little foxes in the vineyards. They dig, chew, leave bits of uneaten rabbits, and they leave poop directly under foot. Basically they make a mess. Details are messy. Well for… Continue reading

I am FINISHED!!!!!

I have just finished the 3rd novel in my trilogy People of Akiane. I’ve been working on this trilogy for so long, I feel that I’ve been working on it my entire life.… Continue reading

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