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Description: A Character’s View Point

We often think it’s only the narrator’s job to provide description, but characters also have an affect on how something is described. The difference is, the narrator’s version of evens is usually the… Continue reading

Author’s Impatience 2

In my last post Author’s Impatience, I wrote about how I moved to fast to publish Pegasus Colony, I forgot to mention what great friends I have. Before Amazon, I did a first… Continue reading

Author’s Impatience

Authors work very hard on their novels. We are excited to finished and ready to publish. We want to entertain our fans and become famous. I mean authors like, J.K. Rowling of Harry… Continue reading

An Author’s Ego

We authors are brilliant. We pour our heart, sweat and blood into everything we write. After all that work, it’s a shock when some one either doesn’t like it or doesn’t get it.… Continue reading

Know Your Characters

I don’t understand how some people can write one draft of a novel then declare it finished. Like so many authors, I must write several drafts before I know the whole story and… Continue reading


In one of my blogs Become a Great Author I expressed my desire to improve my writing skills and blog about it Thursdays. I decided that I’d start my journey with description. So… Continue reading

Become a Great Author

An excellent way to learn is to share with someone what you’ve learned, in which case, you’re helping someone else as you’re helping yourself. I’ve decided in an effort to Become a Great… Continue reading

Finding Strong Fictional Characters

Larry B was a friend and co-worker who asked if he could be in my science fiction novel. I already had a Gino Somebody. I forget his last name. My character didn’t have… Continue reading

Pacing of a Novel

I read Gideon’s Corpse, by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child and Impact by Douglas Preston, one after the other. The first is on the New York Best Seller’s list, not sure if the… Continue reading

More Story Twists

There’s a new Television show, Scandal. I’ve written about strong women characters and plot twits, Scandal falls neatly into what I’ve been writing about. I will warn you, this is a spoiler post.… Continue reading

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