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Abby Sciuto Leaves NCIS

In tribute to Abby Sciuto’s exit from NCIS, I am reposting a blog I did on her a few years ago.  Strong Female Character. Abby Sciuto is a woman who is soft and… Continue reading

It’s Okay to be Cinderella

Cinderella is one of the best-known fairy tales. There are least 340 variations. Her story was first recorded by the Greek historian Strabo in 7 BC. Rhodopis was bathing. An eagle snatched one… Continue reading

Snow White is a Warrior

Nobody knows who, what, where, or how fairy tales got started, but they have been around seemingly since the beginning of time, and they have been told all around the world. The plots… Continue reading

The Psychology of Characters

Fiction writers: storytellers, screenplay writers and novelists are the world’s greatest psychologists. They know how to break a character, destroy their self-confidence, and/or turn them evil. They also know how to undo that… Continue reading

What is a Character?

Rick Hoffman plays junior partner Louis Litt at Pearson Hardman Law Firm in New York City, in the TV series Suits. Rick Hoffman does a great job of acting, but Lewis Litt is… Continue reading

Details of Character

There are no small details in writing fiction; they just have different purposes. Some details move the plot line in a novel, like having a gun in a desk drawer. You show the… Continue reading

Windows of Your Novel

The Windows of a Novel Here is a quote from Preston Fuller’s Writing Blog Human Nature and Superpowers “A book is a lot like a window.

Snow White A Strong Woman Fictional Character

Snow White is no longer a sweet, innocent maiden; she’s a warrior. As a strong woman fictional character, Snow White has come along way.

Describing Characters

Sometimes when I read fiction, I’m surprised at how vague character description can sometimes be. Example: in one published book an author described a character as colorfully dressed. What does that mean? It… Continue reading

Strong Male Character

I’ve written several posts on strong female fictional characters. This post is on a strong male fictional character, Rumplestiltskin of the TV series Once Upon a Time. This will make more since, if… Continue reading

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