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More Story Twists

There’s a new Television show, Scandal. I’ve written about strong women characters and plot twits, Scandal falls neatly into what I’ve been writing about. I will warn you, this is a spoiler post.… Continue reading

Character and Plot Twists

Ever make plans for your life? Set the path in motion and then something or some one unexpected comes along and rearranges your life? I went to college for Fine Arts. In the… Continue reading

The Right Character Development

When an author decides on the next novel, he/she needs to decide what is the most important, the character or the world the story is set in. If the character is the most… Continue reading

My Fictional Female Characters

While writing about strong women, I thought about a few of my female characters in a fantasy novel I’ve started, called Jewel of Desire. Right now, it’s sitting on the shelf until I… Continue reading

Strong Women Fictional Characters

While browsing blogs, JacInTheBox found an interesting article on Strong Women. I’ll let you read her post and find the original post that started this blog chain on Strong Women. Both are well… Continue reading

Driving Force of Motivation

Plots are not so much what a character does as why a character does it. Motivation moves a character. Character moves the plot. In the TV series Revenge, Amanda Clarke’s motivation of revenge… Continue reading

River’s Feet

I’ve written on how an inanimate object can be a character that changes the course of a plot, but such objects can be considerably less intrusive. It might be missed as a character,… Continue reading

Inanimate Characters

Not all characters are living breathing beings. When the writers Jeffrey Lieber and Damon Lindelof first approached J. J. Abrams about a new Television series, Lost,  J. J. Abrams was not interested. A… Continue reading

Character Motivation

I just rented the fourth of Jack Sparrow’s adventures from the library for $.50. I wanted to see it in three D at the theaters, but didn’t make it. I’m glad I was… Continue reading

Whose the Hero Here?

While filming Firefly, Adam Baldwin asked Josh Weldon how he was to act as Jayne Cobb. Josh said to play him as if he were the hero. Malcolm Reynolds was the hero, which… Continue reading

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