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Realty is the Road to Mediocrity

At the very beginning of Will Smith’s acting career, he decided that he would be the most famous actor in the world. He agrees  his younger self was a bit audacious. But! He… Continue reading

Next Great Science Fiction Novel

The Devereaux Dilemma by Steve McEllistrem In a future where religion and disease have brought social order to the verge  of collapse, and where some humans have been biologically and others mechanically enhanced,… Continue reading

Stephen King’s Mom

Stephen King wrote his first story when he was seven years old. His little heart swelled two sizes as his mother proudly read his story. She was dissatisfied with it when she learned… Continue reading

Book Launch – Tales from the Garden – Fairy stories by Sally Cronin

Sally of Smorgasbord has been hard at work and has just launched a new ebook. Congratulations, Sally.

Another Manic Monday – First Prize, Writers’ Forum Magazine #170

Originally posted on castelsarrasin:
Everyone says I don’t look 64, but on Mondays I feel every day of it, and I can’t wait for my 65th birthday. I suppose it’s the prospect of…

Marketing Your Book

I’m on the hunt for book marketing ideas. Here is an article I found on The Book Designer: Marketing Your Book Everyone who helps people publish their own books can tell you the… Continue reading

Presenting Indie Author Seumas Gallacher

  In one of his blog pages titled “True Lies ‘N Author Stuff” Seumas Gallacher gives a brief history of his life. He’s traveled all over the world in pursuit of his career in… Continue reading

Six Great Blogs for Indie Authors

While browsing the internet, I found a great article on Publisher’s Weekly about Six Great Blogs for Indie Authors. Unfortunately it won’t let me share the article to my blog. I copy pasted… Continue reading

…Authors… a reader’s review is a ‘gift’, not an ‘entitlement’…

Originally posted on Seumas Gallacher:
…an honest review is as gold dust to any writer… and I care not if the scribbler is a newbie, self-publishing indie… or a decades-established leading name for…

Kevin Cooper’s newest blog Indie Books Emporium

Kevin Cooper of Great Indie Authors has started a sister blog. This post is an interview about Kevin’s new blog site. Kevin, you’ve started a new blog. What’s its name and purpose? Hi… Continue reading

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