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Health Update: Feeling Good

  Now that I’m feeling better and am not working on a novel, I have a lot of time on my hands. So I decided to go crazy and clean under my stove.… Continue reading

2020 Goals

I’m a goal setter. When I don’t have a goal in mind, I become disorientated. Unfortunately, some goals take longer than others. That’s not a free tick to quit. It means goals need… Continue reading

Health Update: Back on the Bike

I back on the bike again. I had to give it up for the sake of my health which you can read about in No more Biking. In the past I rode for… Continue reading

No More Biking

After recovering from Adrenal Fatigue for three years, I should be farther along. I finally figured out why I’m not, I am exercising to hard. I was up to 50 minutes of biking,… Continue reading

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