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Promise of Spring

It’s been a hard, long winter. Here’s a little taste of what’s ahead. My science fiction novel, Pegasus Colony, is now available on Amazon. Click on Moore’s Myths to learn about Pegasus Colony… Continue reading

Missed it by That Much

As I was coming out of my apartment building, I saw something across the street. I thought it was a big cat. But when it turned around, it was a red fox. I… Continue reading

The Outsirts of Downtown

Vastlycourious often inspires me with her cities photos (as in there are many cities ). They make me want to go downtown and see what I can find. So one Saturday, I took… Continue reading

Patience of a Photographer

That one photograph worth keeping doesn’t just happen because someone is in the right place at the right time. It also takes patience, to stand and wait for the light to be just… Continue reading

Swan Hunting

I told a friend I saw some swans while I was driving around on the back roads. He asked, “Did you shoot them,” and laughed. “No,” I said. “I couldn’t shoot them, I… Continue reading

Spring Died

I know my last post was one of hope of spring, but I’m beginning to think spring has died. These tress are supposed to be filled with leaf buds. Winter birds returning is… Continue reading

Ice Castle

Minnesotans like to enjoy winter. They have a winter carnival during the coldest part of winter. They play golf on the ice with an orange ball and a hockey stick. One man created… Continue reading

Santa Dino

Not far from here, there is a Sinclair Gas Station that has a stature of Sinclair’s Mascot, Dino the Dinosaur. The wife of the owner of this particular gas station likes to dress… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit

Water is a Free Spirit; rivers, lakes, ocean, rain storms (big and small). You can try to hold it in, but when it wants, it runs free.   I have officially joined Photo … Continue reading

Weekly Photo challenge (Growth)

The only thing that can hold nature in check are people, but when we leave, nature easily returns and flourishes. This spot along the Mississippi River is where Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA first started.… Continue reading