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Once Crazy Week Turn into a Satisfying Week

I only had one thing to do this week. I wanted to finished the first 50 pages of the manuscript of my third novel, Jessica’s Mission. Then a friend ask if I’d write… Continue reading

Stephen King On Writing

I’m rereading Stephen King’s book On Writing. I’ve never been a Stephen King fan. I’ve seen a couple of movies. I’ve read one book, Buick, I think that’s the title. I liked it,… Continue reading

Novel Update: Last Rewrite

For those who are new to this blog: my novel, The People of Akiane, has been picked up by a local small publisher. But my book was not ready for publication. It needed… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

This Weekly Photo Challenge is Resolved. I’m to share a photo, which represents a New Year’s resolution. So many resolutions have gone to the wayside, but if one doesn’t try, nothing will ever… Continue reading

Constructive Criticism

I went to college for Fine Arts, graduated in Graphics. I did a lot of drawing, painting and photography. Every week, along with the rest of the class, I had to hang a… Continue reading

Update: Finishing My Novel

I’m dangerously close to being finished with my novel. My inclination is to hurry up and be done with it, so I can move on to other projects. I’ve been working on this… Continue reading


I’m making a change right here on this post. I originally posted this as the first chapter. I’ve been debating if I should have this as first chapter or as a prologue. Paul… Continue reading

Why I Won’t Self-Publish

I won’t self-publish out of self preservation, but I admire those who are successful at it. No matter how may times I reread something, I always manage to find something I’ve missed. Even… Continue reading


While browsing, I came across Jennifer M Eaton in “It’s that time of the month to set up your writing goals.” I have goals, but I realize I’ve never shared them with this blog.… Continue reading

My Fictional Female Characters

While writing about strong women, I thought about a few of my female characters in a fantasy novel I’ve started, called Jewel of Desire. Right now, it’s sitting on the shelf until I… Continue reading