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People of Akaine: Jessica’s Story

My name is Lieutenant Jessica M. Hewett and this is my story. I lived in an ideal world until my family was dramatically split apart after my mother left us. I became a… Continue reading

Amazon Prime

I have several friends who are on Amazon Prime. To my surprise, they did not know that every book they read, the author gets paid for every page read. So by all  means,… Continue reading

Pegasus Colony: the Beginning

CAPTAIN’S LOG   WSC EAGLE Captain Richard Fontner Year 2144, November 1 Folded space is a success. We have traveled faster than light. It only took twelve years to travel twenty-seven light-years to… Continue reading

Just the Right Character

I’m an author. I’m the god of my worlds. I create people. I put them in a plot. I give them life. You’d think they’d be grateful, not always. Sometimes characters are just… Continue reading

My Second Novel is Published!

Here is the press release announcing the publication of Storm’s Coming: It’s here! Phyllis Moore’s second novel in the People of Akiane Trilogy  In the year 2132, the World Space Coalition sent three… Continue reading

First Chapter of Storm’s Coming

Chapter 1 Rona Montgomery Day One of the Expedition “If it weren’t for you, Jorg, I don’t think Jess would’ve ever gotten past her anger,” Rona said. He gave a little chuckle. His… Continue reading

M Phyllis Moore’s Author Bio

M Phyllis Moore will take you on adventures to places you never thought of going. She will take you to places you didn’t know existed. Where are these places? In her imagination. She’s… Continue reading

This is My Story . . .

My name is Lt. Jessica Hewett I never liked me. There was nothing to like. Everything I’d tried to make my life better failed. I left Earth to get away from my life.… Continue reading

Pegasus Colony Science Fiction Novel

Great Gift Great Read Get it while it’s hot Science Fiction novel Pegasus Colony Here are a few Amazon Book Reviews. Mike S.: Great book! Fun read with a smart back story loaded… Continue reading

Chapter one of Pegasus Colony

Chapter 1 Lieutenant Jessica Hewitt The New Assignment I was never supposed to set foot on Akiane, nor did I want to. I mean, why would I? It was an ice planet, so… Continue reading