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It’s in the Details

I read Paul Morningstar’s review of “Warbreaker” by Brandon Sanderson. Paul liked it, but didn’t. His review intrigued me so I downloaded the book and read the prologue. I thought I’d read a… Continue reading

Driving Force of Motivation

Plots are not so much what a character does as why a character does it. Motivation moves a character. Character moves the plot. In the TV series Revenge, Amanda Clarke’s motivation of revenge… Continue reading

Character Development & Backstory

This is the third post on backstory. The first is Backstory. The second is What is Backstory. *** A character’s past, DNA, or backstory, will have an affect on who a character is.… Continue reading

Exciting Beginnings

I really liked the TV series Flashforward and was disappointed when it was canceled.  I wanted to know how it ended so I thought I’d read the book the series was based on.… Continue reading

Cause & Affect

The actions of one character can change the course of the plot and set in motion a domino tumble. In the TV show Revenge, Amanda Clark is out to destroy the family who… Continue reading

What Could Go Wrong?

I watch the TV show Revenge. It starts with a simple idea. When Amanda was eight years old, her father is framed for terrorism, convicted and sent to jail. Amanda never sees him… Continue reading

What is Backstory

Backstory is anything that has happened in a person’s past that affects who they are today. Ex: Growing up, it was just Mom and me. When we went on a road trip, she… Continue reading


When I began writing Topaz – Jewel of Desire I just wrote and let the story take me where it wanted. I posted a chapter twice a week for several months then once… Continue reading

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