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Marketing Countdown

Pegasus Colony was my first science fiction novel. I self-published it in 2014, the second book in 2016, the third book was supposed to be published in 2018. I didn’t have the energy… Continue reading

Too Many Phyllis Moores

There are 500 Phyllis Moores on Facebook. We come in all kinds of sizes, creeds and colors. Sometimes I think it would be fun to invite all of them to a party and… Continue reading

International Book Sells

This is a reblog of a reblog. Keep clicking. You’ll get there. I could go directly to the source, but each stop is an opportunity to check out a new blog. Never know… Continue reading

5 Facebook Tips To Help With Your Book Marketing

This is a reblog from Nicholas C. Rossis in Marketing I use Buffer (a post scheduling app) frequently and recently came across a post on their blog by Ash Read with Facebook tips… Continue reading

Women On Writing

I went to a WOW – Women On Writing, luncheon today. It’s a group of women authors who write fiction and/or non-fiction books. During lunch, each woman gets three minutes to introduce herself… Continue reading

Brilliant Book Description

Book descriptions help make book sells. I’m on the hunt for a better more intriguing book description. What do you think about this? Lt. Jessica M. Hewitt can’t find peace for her own… Continue reading

Editing: the Bane of Every Novel

It’s because there are so many words. Every time a novel is proofed, there’s something more to be corrected. And just when you think you’ve got them all, someone else comes along to… Continue reading

Back of My Car

There was a time in America, if someone said they were selling something out of the back of their car, they were most likely selling stolen goods. When I first publish my novel… Continue reading

The Realities of Self-Publishing

I spent one entire day on the phone and filling out forms on the computer. OK, it wasn’t every second of the day, but it sure felt like it. I started the day… Continue reading

Novel Update: I am finished!

In just the last few minutes I have finished my novel. I mean ready. I’ve written and re-written and have just added the last finishing touches and I’m finished. My next act is… Continue reading