This page is dedicated to my paintings and photography. Every once in a great while, I change the images.

Right now I’m not doing as much painting as I’d like. But you can see My Paintings and My Photography under Categories.

I follow The Daily Post at Every Friday, the blog posts a word on Weekly Photo Challenge and I try to find an image to match the word. Most weeks, I think, “I don’t have a photo for this one.” But every week, due more to my humor than my extraordinary talents, I find an image that works.

Here are a few of those photos.

Purple: I looked down and to my surprise, my feet were purple.

Urban: According to Wikipedia an urban area is characterized by higher population density.

Inside: On a walk, I found a tree that had been cut down. Inside was a new tree growth.

Free Spirit: Water is a Free Spirit; rivers, lakes, ocean, rain storms (big and small). You can try to hold it in, but when it wants, water runs free.

Merge: Here is the merging of the past and the present. This is Stone Bridge. It marks the place where Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA first started.

In the back ground is Minneapolis in 2012. All types of people enjoy the bridge such as: regional area residents, world wide tourists, bicyclists, and runners. You can also take a ride in a rickshaw, or take a horse buggy ride.