Details of Character

There are no small details in writing fiction; they just have different purposes. Some details move the plot line in a novel, like having a gun in a desk drawer. You show the… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette


I’m Back

I’ve been away for the better part of October. Been busy. Not sure with what. But there were a couple of times I had to stop and take a 2 hour nap to… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Big

It takes a big Army truck to pull a big taxi boat out of big winter storage and pull it down to a big lake for it’s summer run. Can you tell that… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

Leah’s first year birthday part.

My Photo Challenge: Moon Light

As of Saturday morning, American time, there is no Weekly Photo Challenge, so I decided to post my challenge. ;0) Last night as the full moon past behind the fur tree outside my… Continue reading

Tracy Chevalier

My friend Kathy and I were talking about the library and books. She asked me for a new book to read. If you’d been following this blog, you may already know my favorite… Continue reading

First Chapter

O.K. here is the first chapter of the novel I am presently finishing up, Akiane’s Children. It is 7 pages long. In this day and age, 7 pages is probably not too long… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

Some times it feels like you are the only one left in the world. It’s not true. Wait long enough and the others will show up.

Reading Blogs

One of my favorite things about blogs is not just expressing myself and having people interested in what I have to say. It’s reading what other people are saying and doing. I’ve seen… Continue reading