Twitter and Jack Dorsey

Ever wonder how twitter got started? Here is an interview on Minnesota Public Radio with Jack Dorsey. Moral of the story, your childhood obsessions or your child’s obsessions could lead to multimillion dollar… Continue reading

Effective Critcism

Effective Criticism I went to college for fine arts. Every week for four years, I turned in something, painting, drawing, photography or, graphics, to be critiqued. The whole class would put their work… Continue reading

John Sayles on NPR

Author and film director John Sayles was on NPR, Kerri Miller, MidMorning show. Its always interesting to listen to a professional. Here is one person I wish I could sit and talk to… Continue reading

What is Backstory

Backstory is anything that has happened in a person’s past that affects who they are today. Ex: Growing up, it was just Mom and me. When we went on a road trip, she… Continue reading

The Love of Writing

Do I love writing? Not sure. Ideas continually float about in my head. As ideas begin to form into sentences, I write them down. Since I don’t carry any kind of electronic writing… Continue reading

Keeping to My Path

I forgot. Then Guy Kawasaki recommended If You Want to Write, by Brenda Ueland. No, I don’t know him personally. I heard him on loco MPR, When I was younger, I went… Continue reading

Topaz – Jewel of Desire

I’ve been blogging about writing Topaz – Jewel Of Desire. I have started posting the story at Why a slightly different name? I thought the full name would be too long. Just… Continue reading

Fictional Character as Victim

Sidrea speaks: Phyllis writes about me, in Topaz – Jewel of Desire, without my permission. She thinks she knows me. She does not. She says I am evil. I am not. I am… Continue reading

Character Development

I tend to be epic.  My stories start simple and bloom outward. Usually, I start with one character and one point of view, and soon have six points of view. I began Topaz… Continue reading

Bad Sentence

“He had Dickerson beside him and eight officers arranged behind him.” This is a sentence from a published book and an incorrect use of had. Had is to be used in the PAST… Continue reading

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