He thought, He thought

He thought the thought he never thought he’d think. I love that line. I wish I’d written it. As writer’s we’re not supposed to repeat the same word in the same sentence, same… Continue reading

Topaz Plot

Magic promised intrigue, adventure and excitement. It lied. The jewel, topaz, was forge by magic as a wedding gift for the new king and queen. Magic corrupted it. Topaz fed on despair. It… Continue reading

About Writing

Some people write only for themselves. They do so either because they are too shy for anyone else to read what they have written, or because they so love to write, they truly… Continue reading

Plots Grow

I started this story with two main characters, Dor and Rheaux, and two supporting characters, Samard and Abyia, but the cast grew to ten characters who would have an affect on the plot.… Continue reading

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