Friday Fictioneer: The Trim

She stood and stared at the house for a long while. “Oh my, you painted the trim.” “It looked a bit faded.” He held his breath in fear that she might not like… Continue reading

Sunday Trees: 394

Sunday Trees is a blog all about trees hosted by Becca. Here is my tree for the week:

Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge: Any Kind of House

This week’s Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge topic is Any Kind of House. Here is my entry: a duck house in the swamp

Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Illumination

This week Friendly Friday Photo Challenge topic is Illumination. Here is my pick for the week:

Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge: Small Objects

This week’s Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge topic is Small Subjects. Small things is what fairy gardens are made of. (I apologize for the grainy photo. There is a window nearby, but it was… Continue reading

One Park at a Time: Community Park

Rice Creek travels 28 miles from Rice Creek Lake to the Mississippi River. The creek passes through a few neighborhoods, several parks, through a small lake, under five major roads and one interstate,… Continue reading

Sunday Trees 391

Sunday Trees is hosted by Becca Givens and is all about trees and their beauty. Here is my entry of a fig tree in a nearby conservatory. When I was teenager, my great-aunt… Continue reading

Friendly Friday Photos: Alleys

Friendly Friday Photos topic this week is alleys. Forestwood is this week’s hostess. This topic stumped me. I don’t live in the city where alleys are frequent. I haven’t been around rock outcroppings… Continue reading

The bike ride that never was

It was a strange day to begin with. I put on sweatpants because it was a cool morning. I went outside around noon and thought, “I should have a jacket on.” I came… Continue reading

One Park at a Time: Battle Creek

This park is about 20 miles from home. I don’t get to it very often. When I’m in the area, I’m usually visiting a friend who is not interested in biking or hiking.… Continue reading