Friday Fictioneers: Moma

Moma taught me her ways. She saved her cures in a collection of colored bottles on the shelf. She cured their diseases, ulcers, arthritis, and memory lose. They thought she was a little… Continue reading

Sunday Trees: 367

Sunday Trees is a blog all about trees. Here is my entry: Not all trees are real. Sometimes they’re characters in a story. This is Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy. In the… Continue reading

Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge: Train

This week, Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge is Public transportation (no private cars or trucks). Here is my entry:

Kammie’s Oddball Challenge: Housing

Odd Ball Photos are those great photos that you take which really don’t seem to fit into a common category. We’ve all taken them and like them, because we just can’t hit delete… Continue reading

Why is Writing about Agendas?

What happens when two apposing agendas crash into each other? A plot is born.

Sunday Trees: 366

Sunday Trees is a blog hosted my Becca that is dedicated to trees. We often think trees are all about the beautiful of leaves, but the branches that support the leaves have their… Continue reading

Friday Fictioneers: Her Father Smiled

“What happened? Where did all the flowers go?” “They built a bridge.” “Why? Why? Why?” “The bridge is a good thing.” “What? How?” “The park has been destroyed, humans don’t come here any… Continue reading

Why is Writing a Puzzle?

The beginning of a story comes in pieces, an idea here, a scene there. Characters pop up wanting to be a part of the story. For awhile everything seems jumbles up. There are… Continue reading

Sunday Trees: 365

Sunday Trees is a blog dedicate to trees. Here’s my entry:  

Why is writing is a Mystery 2

This is a comment from Whinneyt Not knowing exactly what to write about at first… The initial idea pops up… Figuring out the wording and figures of speech… Never actually knowing what might… Continue reading