When Best to World-Build

In my last few posts, I’ve written about my next book series and how I’m writing the plots before I start working on individual books. A blog friend, Crispina Kemp, and author of… Continue reading

End of the month goal

My goal for March was to finish the first three plots of my Krunkie and the Last Dragon Eggs series. For the most part, I did accomplish my goal. The first three plots… Continue reading

How-to-write books

Currently, I’m reading Conflict, Action & Suspense by William Noble. I like to read how-to-write books while I’m working on a story. I am reminded of story elements I had forgotten but I… Continue reading

the tale of a book cover

Ever have an ha ha moment because you realized something you should have realized a long time ago? Well, I just had that moment with the cover of My Haunted Bed & Breakfast.… Continue reading

Lovable Fans

During the height of the pandemic, I received my all time favorite fan email from Penny. She wrote: “I’ve read book 1&2 can’t find book 3 any place. I am going crazy. Please… Continue reading


I planned on finishing the first three plots of my six book series by the end of February. I didn’t make my goal. And it’s all Lisa’ fault. 😉 Lisa and Mary read… Continue reading

Lost and Found

A friend gave me a $50 gift certificate from an art store for my birthday—she gave it to me years ago, pre-covid. I put it in my wallet and forgot about it, until… Continue reading

My Brain Does Not Move in a Straight Line

All weekend, I planned to reread the third plot of my 6 book series and make a few changes. Then I’d have the first three plots reasonably finished and I could work on… Continue reading

People of Akiane Trilogy is Finished

My trilogy is finished and published on all things Amazon. It’s already getting good ratings. Here is an excerpt, from the beginning of the first chapter of Jessica’s Mission. It was to be… Continue reading


Something unusual happened. I had a great night sleep and woke up at 7AM and was greeted by a beautiful new day.

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