Friday Fictioneer: Just Missed It

“I’m telling you.” “I don’t think so. It’s just an empty field in the middle of nowhere.” “But it will be worth millions in just a few years.” Hesitation. “Would I lie to… Continue reading

Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge: Chuts and Ladders

This week Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge topic is Chutes and Ladders. I don’t have any photos of ladders, but I do have a couple of chutes and sliding. Here is my entry:

One Park at a Time: Silverwood Park

Silverwood Park is a nice little park. It’s not big enough to take a bike ride. but it is a good place to take a quiet stroll with a couple of friends. The… Continue reading

One Park at a Time: Rice Creek

It was a dreary day for a bike ride. I went anyway. The sun was trying to burn its way through, but the clouds were not letting him. This was the kind of… Continue reading

One Park at a Time: The Swamp

I went on bike ride with my friend Jan on a path I’d never been on before. We started in her yard, biked around a small lake, through a forest, through a family… Continue reading

Cee’s W&B Photo Challenge

This week Cee’s W&B Photo Challenge is Side, as in the side of something or someone. Here is my entry:

Where Have I been?

I’ve been a way for a while, several months in fact. I had a reaction to some meds my doctor gave me. I have since sworn off all meds. I’m sensitive to man-made… Continue reading

My Travel Logs: One Park at a Time

“My Travel Logs: One Park at a Time.” That’s a joke in reference to Lisa Dorenfest‘s travels: One Ocean At A Time. Lisa is traveling around the world by sail boat. Her last… Continue reading

Sunday Trees: Merry Christmas

Becca’s blog Sunday Trees is all about trees. I wanted to post a Christmas tree, but I didn’t think to look for just the right tree for today. So I’m posting a color… Continue reading

I’m not a Quitter

I joined a gym two years ago, during January 2017. I didn’t think I’d like it. I’ve joined other gyms before, but I prefer being outside in the sun. “Outside” in Minnesota is… Continue reading