My New Office Continued

After almost a month limiting my time on the computer, I’m feeling amazing better. I’ve lost a few pounds, my blood sugar is lower, and I sleep better at night. I plan to… Continue reading

My New Office

I’ve been recovering from Adrenal Fatigue seemingly forever. I’ve changed my lifestyle, got rid of stress, do easy exercises, eat healthy, and yet, I’ve not been able to conquer it. Last week, I… Continue reading

How to Sleep Better at Night?

This post was inspired by Gottfried and his lack of sleep. I mentioned magnesium and he wanted an explanation, which got a bit long for a regular comment, therefore, I’m posting it here… Continue reading

Who is Krunkie?

I’ve been posting about writing a 6-book fantasy series, but I have not told you about Krunkie. For now the title of the series is Krunkie and the Last Dragon Eggs. There are… Continue reading

I Lost it All

I lost everything. Well, maybe not everything, but it sure felt like it. I had two folders on my computer desktop with several files of notes and plot outlines of my 6 book… Continue reading

My Time at the Gym

I’ve been spending three hours a day at the gym. Don’t be too impressed. My apartment is on the top floor of my building. For the last four days, I’ve been awakened by… Continue reading

When Best to World-Build

In my last few posts, I’ve written about my next book series and how I’m writing the plots before I start working on individual books. A blog friend, Crispina Kemp, and author of… Continue reading

End of the month goal

My goal for March was to finish the first three plots of my Krunkie and the Last Dragon Eggs series. For the most part, I did accomplish my goal. The first three plots… Continue reading

How-to-write books

Currently, I’m reading Conflict, Action & Suspense by William Noble. I like to read how-to-write books while I’m working on a story. I am reminded of story elements I had forgotten but I… Continue reading

the tale of a book cover

Ever have an ha ha moment because you realized something you should have realized a long time ago? Well, I just had that moment with the cover of My Haunted Bed & Breakfast.… Continue reading

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