Friendly Friday Photo: Man of the Hour

This week The Sandy Chronicles hosts Friendly Friday: STREET ART. Here is mine: In case you do not recognize his face, this is Bob Dylan, a famous American singer-songwriter, who started his career in… Continue reading

On the Hunt for Joy Challenge: Saving the Memories

This week Cee’s On the Hunt for Joy Challenge is Put FLOWERS Next to Your Bed. A rose given by a loved one. Keeping the petals even as they fall off.

Sunday Photo Fiction: Godzilla Bunny

“Ar, ar, ar.” “O my,” Mommy cried. “Who is this?” “Puff the Dinosaur,” Little Chester declared. “Is he like Puff the Dragon?” Mommy asked. “Does Puff the Dinosaur puff smoke?” “He puffs terror.”… Continue reading

Sunday Trees: Eight Little Trees in a Row

Sunday Trees is about the wondrous beauty of trees hosted by Becca Givens. Here is my entry:

One Park at a Time: One Splendid River

My last post inspired this post. The Mississippi River travels 2,348 mi, 3778 km, from Lake Itasca to the Gulf of Mexico. I have lived near both ends. It starts as a creek… Continue reading

Friendly Friday Challenge- Splendor in the Grass

This week Forestwood is hosting Friendly Friday Challenge and the challenge is Splendor in the Grass. In my home state, there are plenty of parks filled with beautiful grass lands. Here are two… Continue reading

Crimson’s Creative Challenge: Old Fence, Fresh Memories

“What are you doing?” “Getting ready to pull down the fence.” “What? Why?” “Grandma, you said to clean the backyard.” “Grandson, I meant mow the lawn and pull the weeds.” “What about the… Continue reading

Why You Should Blog

Why You Should Blog . . . It’s fun. You get to meet people from around the world. Express yourself. You’ll be surprised at how many people think just like you. If your… Continue reading

Sunday Photo Fiction: Unforeseen Events

From the back seat of the van, Kathy said, “I want a banana.” “We only have apples,” Mom said. “Why?” Kathy asked. “We eat everything else at the picnic,” Mom said. “How about… Continue reading

Sunday Trees: Easy does it

Sunday Trees is about the beauty of trees and is hosted by Becca Givens.

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