Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge: Letters K or L

This week Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge is things that start with with letters K or L. I chose the letter L: Lights on Interstate 35 West Bridge over the Mississippi River,… Continue reading

Friday Fictioneers: Todd?

This week I took a bit of a deviation from the photo prompt. Hope you don’t mind. Todd bust into his brother’s apartment. “Last night she brought home the movie Fatal Attraction.” “So… Continue reading

Destiny: New Plot:Timeline

This might be a familiar photo for those who follow this post. This is The Destiny Series timeline. The white cards along the middle are the actual timeline. All other cards build on… Continue reading

Sunday Trees: 417

Sunday Trees is all about trees and is hosted by Becca Givens. My entry: Old tree with character.

Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Fruits

This week Friendly Friday Photo Challenge is hosed by Manja Mexi Mexcessive her word for the day is Fruits. Here is my entry:

Amazon Countdown: Pegasus Colony

Get ready! It’s coming! Amazon Giveaway for Pegasus Colony of People of Akiane Trilogy. Here is a summery of the trilogy: My name is Lieutenant Jessica M. Hewett and this is my story.… Continue reading

Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge: Stones or Brick

This weektopic is Stones or Bricks. Here is my entry: The underside of Stone Bridge.  

Sunday Trees: 416

Sunday Trees is celebrating eight years and we have yet to run out of trees to photography. Congratulations, Becca and thank you for hosting Sunday Trees. Here is my entry:  

Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Whereabouts

This week Friendly Friday Photo Challenge is hosted by The Snow Melts Somewhere and the topic is Whereabouts. Whereabouts is a funny word. What does it mean to you? It reminds me of… Continue reading

No More Biking

After recovering from Adrenal Fatigue for three years, I should be farther along. I finally figured out why I’m not, I am exercising to hard. I was up to 50 minutes of biking,… Continue reading