Sunday Trees: 363

Sunday Trees is a blog dedicated to the beauty of trees. Here is my fall entry:

Destiny: My Favorite TV Shows.

It is said that TV will rot our brains. But I like TV. I was at lunch with friends who were proudly declaring they do not watch TV. Twice the conversation changed to… Continue reading

Sunday Trees: 362

Sunday Trees is hosted by Becca and is dedicated to trees. Here is my entry:

Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge: Step

This week’s Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge is Steps, Indoors or Outdoors. Here is my entry:

An Old Post

An old post has resurfaced. I’d forgotten about it until I notice that a few people have resonantly read it, so I checked it out. It’s The Gods of Tauger, the first draft… Continue reading

Destiny: Gods of Aghular

Naw was the first of the gods. He brought all other gods into existence. The gods are an important part of The Destiny Series. The series covers more than 4,000 years of Aghular’s… Continue reading

Sunday Trees: 361

Sunday Trees is dedicated to the beauty of trees. Here is my entry: It’s fall time when trees are turning colors, but the seasons have gotten confused. It was snowing this morning. I… Continue reading

Friday Fictioneers: Ghosts

“Don’t go there.” “It’s condemned. You don’t want to fall through the floor and break leg.” “It’s haunted. Ghosts will get you.” Words JD had heard all his life. Now that he was… Continue reading

Amazon Prime

I have several friends who are on Amazon Prime. To my surprise, they did not know that every book they read, the author gets paid for every page read. So by all  means,… Continue reading

Sunday Trees: 360

Sunday Trees is a blog all about trees and is hosted by Becca. Here is my entry: